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Sonam is the Founder and Director of Himalayan Yoga Bliss. Her aim is to make Yoga teacher training reachable to every aspiring seeker of Yoga and to guide students from various backgrounds and cultures from all around the world to experience the mystical powers of the Himalayas and the inspiration it has bestowed upon Yogis for thousands of years. So she started Yoga Teacher Training In India through Himalayan Yoga Bliss.

She is a certified eRYT 1000 hours Yoga Alliance Teacher  with an aim to connect the eastern philosophies of Yoga to the contemporary west and has trained over 200 Yoga instructors who are now teaching in some prestigious institutions worldwide. However her understanding of Yoga does not limit to certification in a paper. She was born in a devout spiritual Buddhist yogic family and from an early age understood and learnt the concepts of Mantra chanting, Yoga philosophy, the art of Vipasana, Japa meditation and various other roots of core Buddhist philosophy from her Grandmother, who herself was a disciplined Yoga practitioner from the lineages of Tibetan monks.

She has been travelling and teaching around the globe the core understanding of Yoga in her various trainings and workshops. Her teachings are not limited to the structural method of traditions but designed to come out of the structure and pattern to understand the basics of a human behaviour and its relationship with spirituality. Her philosophy classes are tailored to reach Vedanta in the most simplistic manner to person of any age and background. She teaches that every relaxed and comfortable pose is a Yoga pose and that a true Yogi should practise Asanas or the physical practises of Yoga to be able to sit for meditation and experience the inner tranquility and that true space of Awareness of simply being. Acceptance of our physical limitations as a challenge to keep the practise disciplined is the base teaching of her traditional and contemporary styles of Asanas.

Being a pure Bhakti Yogini at heart, her approach to the Yogic philosophy starts from the core of her inner self. She says that to understand the higher consciousness or the divine, it is very important to the know the real inner self. Only through the journey of heart one can enter the gateway of Cosmic love, this union known as Yoga. To experience this it is a must to transcend our layers of logic and ego and eventually conquer the limitations created by our Mind. She believes that the "Mastery of mind" indeed is the goal of Yoga and this should be the core practise of every Yoga Teacher. There is no higher goal than this.
Om Tat sat.


Staying fit had always been very important to Saravanan, who could be seen at the gym, cycling along the beach or running long distances, yet he always felt that there was something missing. He yearned not just for the fitness of the body, but the tranquility of his mind and soul.

It was then he started his journey of Yoga. To deepen his practice, he dedicated a lot of his time and energy in helping people to be physically, mentally and emotionally happy. He taught Yoga, not only as a physical practice but to remind his students of that serene place of utmost freedom and bliss that resides inside every individual. Saravanan teaching is very dynamic as he guides and encourages his students to appreciate their body, it’s power and limitations. His warm and helpful nature, empathises his students to achieve proper alignment, health, mental and spiritual benefits. His teaching style is based on the teachings of various Indian masters and his own practice as he travels teaching and learning around the world.

Saravanan has trained from various world reknown institutes like Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy, The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre and has acquired the prestigious title of Yoga Acharya (Master of Yoga). He currently travels teaching and assisting his Swamis for the international Sivananda Vedanta Yoga projects around the world.


Emma Bonnici, is an international Yoga teacher and Ayurveda Therapist. She has been studying Yoga and Ayurveda for over 10 years. Emma teaches with enthusiasm, care and attention to detail. She brings knowledge gained from her own personal practice andprovides strong encouragement and support in her classes.

An avid traveller, Emma connects herself with others through yoga whilst following her passion for creating events and her destined path of yoga. Since 2008, she has been travelling to India for Yoga and events. She returns twice a year to India to Rishikesh to practice with her teachers and teach. Emma trained as a yoga teacher with the International Sivananda organisation in Vietnam and she trained as a Children's Yoga Teacher with Rainbow Kids Yoga in London. She completed her Ayurveda Therapist training with Dr Vinod at the Ayuskama Ayurveda and Panchakarma Centre in India.Emma has worked closely with the International Indian Film Awards for events in Macau, India and Sri Lanka. In 2011, she returned to India to teach yoga and write a weekly yoga column for The Hindustan Times, a national newspaper


From a very early age, Vishnuji started visiting Ashrams, Temples and Monasteries. There he came across the profound understanding and teachings of the Indian Philosophy, Vedas and the origins of the traditional Hatha yoga and its contemperory techniques. His quest for reality taught him many things and experience life as a beautiful universal experience. A charming and dedicated Yogi, Vishnuji's humor is full of life making his classes very lively and fun. Being a very natural Teacher his deep array of Philosophy comes from his very love for Yoga, Universe and its divine existence.

Vishnuji also travels all around India self practising and teaching International students, the deeply rooted and vast philosophy of Yoga.


Rakesh is a natural orator and awarded Acharya of Yoga. He started practicing Yoga from a very early age, and was further drawn to the practice thereafter. After visiting many ashrams learning and teaching under various Gurus, Yoga became his only way of life. He is a teacher who presents the intricate yoga philosophy and its practice in a simple, down to earth and humorous manner. His lectures are based on the four classical paths of yoga as well as his own spiritual experiences and understanding of the yogic path. His idealogy is rooted under the Non dual aspect of reality, in which the human experiences of Separation and Duality are seen as a dance (or play) of cosmic consciousness in which everything is sacred, has absolute worth and is an end in itself.

In his classes he gives his original analysis and views on the writings of various spiritual traditions, mystics and philosophers from around the world. For Rakesh, the greatest human gifts are love and freedom. On the basis of this, he teaches yoga where love and freedom are of the highest value and the utmost individual spiritual growth being the number one priority. His Asana classes are designed to use our physical body as a vehicle to eventually control and conquer our mind.


Tenzing is a beautiful Yogi born in the heart of the Himalayas with love of the nature and a humble straight forward persona. He believes that Living in the present should be the goal of every Yogi questioning the be wilderness within. Having learnt the ancient tradition of Bhakti and Sanskrit chants at a young age he loves leading the chanting sessions to awaken the spirits of his students.

A fierce nature lover at heart, his fascination towards outdoor adventurous activities, mountain hiking and morning Meditative walks makes the course dynamic for his students. A Teacher of the traditional Sivananda Hatha Yoga and a devote of Shiva, Tenzing is a pure Bhakti Yogi at heart.


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