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T he Yoga Teachers Training Course in Kalimpong is our latest addition to the already existing chapters in Darjeeling and Goa. Like the rest of the programs, the Kalimpong edition too comprises 200 hours of yoga training under experts except, this course is unlike anything that you will ever come across. This is an opportunity to experience Yoga as a lifestyle at our newly built Adhyaananta farmhouse, a Yoga Retreat in the Himalayas. From asanas to food and accommodation, this one of a kind course is a premium program where we have tried to include every aspect that leads to a wholesome holistic yoga experience, just how it used to be in ancient times. At the end of the course, all students will be given an internationally recognised certification that will allow each of them to become yoga guru themselves. This programme is for everyone who wishes to go into the depths of learning yoga and embrace it as a way of life and for those who see themselves becoming yoga teachers in the future.

Often referred to as the "Land of flowers", Kalimpong is a pristine hill station located in the lap of the majestic Himalayas. It overlooks the sparkling waters of the river, Teesta and is situated in eastern Himalayan region of India. With the towering Kanchenzunga on one side and an emerald-green expanse of tea gardens on the other, Kalimpong is an idyllic location for anybody who is looking to unwind, relax and rejuvenate. Strikingly opposite to its next-door sister - Darjeeling, Kalimpong happens to be less crowded and quieter.

The closest airport to Kalimpong is Bagdogra and the nearest railway station is the New Jalpaiguri station or NJP, in the Terai town of Siliguri. You can either avail bus services or hire a car to reach Kalimpong. The average duration of the drive from NJP or Bagdogra is about 3 hours by car and could extend up to 4 hours if you take the bus. The drive from Darjeeling to main town is of about 2 hours.

The first thing that will catch your eye when you are in Kalimpong are the many flowers that pockmark the vast green mountains of this surreal town. Petunias, roses, daisies, freesias, pansies and several other nameless varieties grow wild and free, full bloom to their best versions and in the brightest of colours. Kalimpong also happens to be home to orchids. You are most likely to experience this exotic flora in the rarest of colour combinations growing in abundance in places you’d least expect.

Faraway from the hullabaloo of city life, yet conveniently accessible, Kalimpong is one of those destinations where you need not have an itinerary or a fixed plan — you can go for short hikes or simply stare at flowers — experience the joys of doing nothing. The pace of life prevalent in this lesser known hill station is motivating, it urges you to calm down, meditate and reflect on the many gifts that nature offers.

Amidst all its serenity, there is a bustling bazaar in the heart of the town. Hot momos dipped in Dalle (local chilli) chutney seems to be a unanimous favourite when it comes to food. Kalimpong also has its share of bakeries that offer simple but delicious desserts and savouries. Tibetan handicraft dominates the market and one can take home exquisite pieces in metal or wood.

Under the British rule, Kalimpong was a favourite destination for summer homes. It was also frequented by many European missionaries. Presence of the imperial rule is evident in the colonial architecture. The magnificent bungalows in and around the town add more mysticism to this picturesque town.

With an abundance of flora and fauna, snowy peaks on the horizon and fragrant pine scent in the air — Kalimpong seems to be Mother Nature’s favourite child and the most appropriate location to house our yoga Teachers training program and Retreat. We welcome you with open arms to discover the beauty of holistic living and rediscovering yourself in our Kalimpong chapter of TTC.

The course is designed in a way that it allows students to understand their bodies and minds. By the end of the course, students will experience a better control not just over their bodies but their minds as well. The program includes more restorative sessions and lessons on perfecting advanced physical postures. Like all our other programs, students will be taught Haatha Yoga and and its contemporary practises like Ashtanga yoga and multi styled themed Vinyasa Flow. Practises will be conducted by experts who will be present at all times to help students achieve accurate alignment of various styles. This way, students can experience complete spiritual and physical awareness of various asanas and their benefits. Moreover, experts will also impart knowledge on injuries thus, training all participants to become better teachers. The course will expose you to various styles so that later on, if you wish to learn more, you can pick a style that resonates with you the most and pursue it further.

Himalayas is believed to be the birthplace of Yoga. This is where ancient Yogis practised asanas that took them closer to enlightenment and inner peace. At our Adhyaananta farmhouse, all students will be taken through four paths of Yoga and taught from scratch. We believe that a strong foundation is the key to becoming a good teacher, hence, we have included a 360 degree approach towards teaching Yoga in this course. Students will be taught the Classical Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali Yoga sutras. Besides, there will be extensive training on contemporary and ancient meditative techniques and Pranayama breathing techniques. Students will be taken into depths through lessons on Ayurveda and its relationship with Yoga, scientific benefits of Sanskrit mantra chantings, Yoga mudras, Kriya inner cleansing techniques and many other elements. This course enables all students to have a unique perspective and practise their own way. The in-depth understanding of all aspects of Yoga allows one to find answers themselves. Through the course, one will also become capable of training the mind, thus enabling one to always choose positivity and the path of peace.


  • SINGLE OCCUPANCY FARM STAY : €2,200 per person
  • DOUBLE OCCUPANCY FARM STAY : 1800 per person
  • DOUBLE SHARING BUDGET STAY : 1500 per person


TTC, Kalimpong, India by Himalayan Yoga BlissOur family at the Himalayan Yoga Bliss and Wellness Centre is humbled to present to you our brand new wing, the Himalayan Yoga Bliss Adhyaananta Farm in the idyllic town of Kalimpong.

Spread across a sprawling 13 acres of green expanse and surrounded by the Himalayan range, our Adhyaananta farm is where you will experience the coming together of nature and human nature in perfect harmony.

Designed to keep the holistic experience of the location intact, much of the space has been left untouched so as to let nature continue its own flow. The farm houses a bamboo grove and a guava orchard, both offer two unique options of ambience where you could find your own spot to muse. Besides, thanks to the inconsistent terrain, the farmhouse never runs short of variety, thus giving you a lot to explore and discover new things everyday.

The living area comprises independent, eco - cottages that complement austere but wholesome living. The architecture is luxurious complying with the basics of ancient yogic home design. Almost as if they were an extension of the serene landscape, the cottages stand in perfect sync with the lush green backdrop. All rooms have been designed to face the East so that you could begin everyday with a brilliant Himalayan sunrise. Ample sunlight add vibrancy to the spacious, colourful rooms. Consciously minimalist in decor, the rooms have been given a rustic touch via paintings and artefacts handmade by locals.

The first rays of the sun are not your only chance at soaking up Vitamin D at the Adhyaananta farm, breakfast is laid out under the sun, outdoors while dinner is set next to the bonfire every night. Prepare to enjoy your nights under a canopy of a million stars and swarming fireflies. Imagine going to sleep rejuvenated more with each passing night! To provide you with an elevated holistic experience, the food served is all Satvik and cooked with organic produce that is locally grown.

The living area is hygienic and the bathrooms clean at all times. However, in this yoga retreat, one will end up spending way more time outside than indoors. The strategically laid out social spaces include the great yoga hall, the formal courtyard and the mosaic patio next to the goose pond. There are ample choices in terms of space and you are sure to find more than one such spot that relates to you.

Our Adhyaananta farmhouse is dotted with orchids and wild poinsettias that look like little burst of colours amidst various shades of green. Unbridled, the farmhouse opens to many nearby villages where you could go hiking up the terraced hills or wander into mountain paths. The Kalimpong local bazaar is only a 20 minute walk away. You can explore the local Kalimpong culture through its cuisine and indigenous crafts.


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