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TTC, Goa, South India by Himalayan Yoga BlissDue to a very high demand of our Yoga training courses, we have started 200 hours Yoga teacher training in Goa. From the tranquil spiritual Himalayas to the sunny warm tropical beaches of Goa, our students are able to see the dynamics of these two beautiful locations and experience the beauty of our Yoga teacher training program that have now been brought by our dynamic team to the beautiful beaches of south Goa, a serene and nourishing location of South India. Goa has long been considered a jewel of India, with our new school located a few minutes from Agonda beach, the best beach in India as voted by TripAdvisor. The opportunity to start our Yoga teacher training in Goa has been another added feather in hat for Himalayan Yoga Bliss. However it’s not just the location that is so special, we have teamed up with our local partner, the Blue Planet organic health cafe, a beautiful and innovative health food restaurant that has been at the forefront of the organic and vegan food movement in this area for many years. This has truly been a winning combination for our Yoga teacher training in Goa with the best of food and accommodation provided to our students. Our school boasts of this combination found none in any part of Goa especially at such reasonable price which is the core ethic of our program, to strive as the best by providing the best.

In our Yoga Teacher training in Goa, you will study in an environment that promotes concentration, inspiration, and excellence. Our Yoga Instructor 200 and 300 hours Certification programs have met the best of standards to get Yoga Alliance affiliation. We aim to inspire you to become the best version of yourself possible, whether that is to become a Yoga teacher or to simply use the experience gathered through our training and find a perspective in life. Our program extends over four weeks where our team will inspire your passion for Yoga while instilling the essential methods you will use as a successful teacher.

During our 200 hours intensive Yoga teacher training in Goa, you will be going through a through an intense schedule that includes everything from advanced physical postures to the simple methods of relaxation. Here you will see the ancient art of Yoga meeting with the contemporary world where ancient Yoga philosophy is taught keeping and using examples that can be understood by a modern mind. Our experienced Teachers will guide you through the various tools and techniques that will require you to start teaching as a confident Yoga instructor. Our course structure in the Himalayas, South India or any part of the world remains the same. In the serene tropical location and its optimised environment, you can expect to make rapid progress towards your goal of becoming a highly attuned yoga practitioner and teacher. We keep core values of Yoga intact where we deliver the pure and simple understanding of Yoga without much added frills which is very crucial for the budding phase of every Yoga teacher before they fully bloom into the best version of themselves.

Our four weeks of carefully tailored Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, introduces you to all the basic styles of Hatha, Ashtanga primary series and Vinyasa Flow. Once you have completed the 200-hour training you will have a fundamental knowledge of more advanced areas you would like pursue further. Your understanding of the vast concept of Yoga will begin to take shape. You will have new purpose in life to teach, develop tools to help you unlearn some of the unhelpful habit holding you back and replace them with positive concepts to use in your everyday practical life. Our 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Goa is specifically designed for students who wants to understand Yoga as a whole and immerse deeply as a future Teacher.

The entire syllabus is entwined with Philosophy of yoga, Yoga Anatomy, advanced adjustment and postural modification workshops, Pranayama, Mudra and Bandha techniques, Ayurveda and its positive affect in our health, Yoga cleansing techniques to purify the physical, emotional and mental body, Introduction to Sanskrit chants incorporated with consuming and understanding of the Yogic diet. Unlike many Yoga schools we give our students tonnes of opportunity to give many practical classes designed and guided by our Teachers that prepares them to teach confidently immediately after the completion of the training. Along with the intake of this beautifully designed syllabus, we have our students realising, unwinding and processing this thousands of years old knowledge in a scenic location surrounded by jungle, raw nature and just a few minutes away from the beach. Agonda is a small fishing village with beautiful friendly locals, bazaars and shops, restaurants serving delicious food and a very ideal place for someone looking to practice Yoga.

TTC, Goa, South India by Himalayan Yoga BlissWe are very proud of our students who have graduated from our Yoga teacher training in Goa. The stories of their development as successful Yoga teachers and practicing the application of this knowledge right after the completion of the Yoga Teacher training is exactly why we get up every morning to do this. Our approach to the training is a combination of traditional eastern philosophy with a contemporary western approach giving our students insight to this ancient art and its use in our daily lives. Our live teaching practical's and individual guidance helps students to learn from their own mistakes and the daily feedbacks from their peers and teachers, this instils the confidence in our students to try new things in a safe and constructive environment. We work towards the mental, physical and spiritual transformation of very student and prepare them to pass on this to their future students, thus keeping this spiritual flame of divine knowledge burning.

Our training is very well structured to help a student understand the basic foundation of Yoga to build a strong base in order to begin the journey as Yoga teacher. Our classical approach to the four paths of Yoga from the physical aspect to the higher mental and spiritual touch gives our students a direct insight to what Yoga actually is all about. This satisfies the very reason why a student wants to travel from around the globe to India to seek this traditional root knowledge of Yoga blessed to us by the ancient Yogis through their intense meditation and Sadhana. Throughout the course the four paths of Yoga is entwined along with the precious knowledge of the Yoga sutras of Patanjali. This opens a seeker, a student to the vast philosophy of Yoga preparing him or her to pass on this methodology of breaking our mental limitation called Yoga to their future students. After the completion of our Yoga teacher training in Goa, our students will be awarded with a certificate affiliated to Yoga alliance. With this they can register themselves as an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) in the Yoga Teachers directory of Yoga Alliance and can be searched online worldwide.

During the four weeks Yoga teacher training in Goa our student will practise various styles of Yoga asana. This will give students an introduction to various styles of practise also helping them choose a style that appeals the most to them. Our styles range from traditional Hatha flow, to the more challenging contemporary styles like the Vinyasa flow and the Primary series of Ashtanga vinyasa flow. Along with an instructed practise with the Teacher, our students also go through numerous live practicals giving them a chance to come out of their teaching stage fear eventually gaining more confidence in their verbal instructions and control over their class.

We provide a high end luxury standard finish, newly built, fully furnished cottages for our students partaking in our Yoga teacher training in Goa. The accommodation is on a shared basis of two students* or a couple. The cottages have a large private porch to sit and read a book or simply relax in this tranquil location. The cottages have an attached high standard private bathroom for each with hot water and western toilet.

We also have a beautiful Blue Planet organic and vegan restaurant on site that has an amazing menu and serves a variety of power smoothies, green juices, varieties of salads and delicious organic vegetarian food and desserts. Vegetarian and vegan lovers from all over Agonda and outside flock to this small haven to quench their palette. Check it out on TripAdvisor here at this link, we are sure you won’t be disappointed

*Private rooms are available for an additional cost. Contact us in advance for to discuss further.

We understand that a good vegetarian organic food is a very essential part of a Yogic diet and journey. Keeping this in mind we provide our students with healthy organic food throughout our Yoga Teachers training in Goa. Our breakfast, lunch and dinner catered during the program is the best of taste and quality. The diet is satvik, organic and vegetarian to keep the body and mind light and free for the daily Asana practise. An array of delicious organic vegetarian diet will help a practitioner acheive a strong concentrated state of mind which is the primary goal of Yoga. This all sums up to why our Yoga teacher training in Goa is popular as our quality exceeds the expectations of very student keeping in mind a very low minimal price. Yoga is for everybody so ever we have made this affordable for everybody by brewing the best of education, dedication, quality, love and integrity into the program. As our Guru Swami Sivananda's motto SERVE, LOVE, GIVE, PURFY, MEDITATE, REALISE.


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