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Himalayan Yoga Bliss is a 500 hours registered Yoga Teacher Training school affiliated to the prestigious Yoga Alliance. We are the first school of our kind to start Yoga Teacher training in India and Himalayas. Located in the beautiful mountains of the world famous tea growing town of Darjeeling, India, we offer internationally recognised residential Yoga Teacher training with a multi style exposure and immersion into traditional Hatha Yoga and its contemporary styles of the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa flow. We are located in the lesser Himalayas being overlooked by the gorgeous, serene and awe inspiring Himalayan peaks of Kanchenjunga, the tallest mountain in India, also considered the tallest in the world for centuries. The beauty, serenity and climate of this place features the ideally suitable environment for the practice of Yoga, as Himalayas is considered to be the place where Yoga has originated. In our Yoga Teacher training in Himalayas our students can feel this authentic approach to Yogic practise and its philosophy.

We have graduated hundreds of students who are teaching worldwide as accomplished Yoga Teacher s teaching with recognised institutions or have started their own dream studio,  with deep embedded  core  values of Yoga  and  a really strong  foundation. Our Yoga Teacher training in the Himalayas is designed in way to expose a student to various aspects of Yoga and its vast ocean of philosophy. After the completion of our Yoga Teacher training our graduates leave the course with a profound new found treasure of Yoga which is priceless and worth all the time and effort they invest in our one month intensive training. Our residential teacher training program gives our students an opportunity to live together, learning, unlearning and growing as a family. The course is nurtured with love and compassion of our Teachers who guide the students physically, mentally and emotionally helping them break the barrier within as they encounter and understand Yoga as a whole through its various dimensions like the physical Asana practise, Breathing techniques, Yoga philosophy, Guided and active Meditation, Adjustment and alignment workshops, Yogic cleansing techniques, Mudras and Bandhas, Yoga anatomy and many more  aspects  that makes our Yoga teacher training in India a complete syllabus for a beginner or an advanced practitioner.  

Incorporating the ancient techniques of Raja Yoga and the synthesis of the four paths of Yoga throughout our Yoga teacher training, our Yoga asana classes are an opportunity for students to experiencing these physical practises with a deep insight connecting every posture to their breath while driving the mind inwards. The practise of Vinyasa literally means to flow like a dance by connecting individual postures to our panic breathe. Like individual flowers are put together in a thread to make a beautiful garland, likewise our postures are held together in a string of breath helping students ease from the worry of getting into postures and advance in their practise. Unlike the modern understanding of acrobatic circus type of Yoga, we expose students to the real Yoga practise keeping our approach real and authentic. Our Yoga Teacher training in India has been acknowledged worldwide by our students who are now teaching this ancient art to their own students. To keep our training productive, our residential Yoga teacher training batches are small, so that we can give individual attention to each student and help them transform their potential by blooming fully into a beautiful Yoga teacher and seeker. 

All our Teachers teaching and mentoring our students in our Yoga teacher training in India and the Himalayas are highly experienced and have traveled to different parts of the world, teaching, learning, experiencing and exploring this beautiful art of yoga under renowned masters. Our residential teacher training program incorporates methodology that integrates ancient Yogic traditions balancing the needs of a contemporary modern world, which can be seen in our everyday teaching approach. Our team though small, dedicate utmost attention to every single student helping them make the best out of their ability in a fun, progressive and a safe environment focusing on their abilities, along with physical and mental and limitations of various kind. Our Yoga teacher training in Himalayas has been a splendid experience for every student attracting a large number of aspirants for our course from all over the world. Though we accommodate only limited students per course, we assure to make the courses available as frequently as possible to meet the overwhelming demand. Our motto is to make Yoga reachable to a person of any background and array of life from any part of the world, this ancient formula to master and calm the mind should be accessible to every little corner of the world since the current state of humanity desperately need this. At the end of the course, every student will be awarded with a certification affiliated to Yoga Alliance, that is valid and accepted worldwide. With this certification, your name will feature in the directory of Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). Write to us to join and become an eternal part of our Himalayan Yoga Bliss family and witness a transformation within yourself that will last forever.

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