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Our 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training in india Course is an extensive yoga program authorized by Yoga Alliance that runs over 6 weeks. It is a successive program of the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. You will undergo a 300 hours course further in order to acquire your 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course qualification. The program is configured to advance your growth as both a yoga teacher as well as a practitioner. It is an intense and vigorous course that is structured to boost your yoga teaching career as you improve your understanding of various styles of Vinyasa yoga and their theories.

You are suitable for this course if you desire to:
1. Establish your career as a renowned yoga teacher.
2. Train and be trained by friends through learning as well as sharing from each other.
3. Formulate and conduct your own classes and avail the opportunity to teach in our center.
4. Improve your insight on all aspects of yoga including Meditation, breathing techniques, Pranayama, Kriyas, Mudras and Philosophy.
5. Be dedicated to an intensive course that extends for over 5 weeks, immersing deeply into a yogic trance and Ayurvedic lifestyle.
6. Assist our senior faculty at our center and mentor the students of the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Your personal practice of Vinyasa Flow is vital during this course. You will continue to practice advanced multi style yoga. Workshops will continue to fill the sessions with fun and enticement to give you a break from the intensive practice you undergo in this course. Similar to 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training course the workshops conducted as a part of 500 hours Yoga teacher training course also assess your performance. During these sessions, you will not only develop your own practice , you will also certainly pick up helpful ideas for your yoga teaching profession.

Your daily routine will also consist of daily Pranayama. This course is integrated with Pranayama tutorials that carried out throughout the course. You will learn a lot of new things about the breathing techniques during this course which you can incorporate into your daily practice. You will truly witness the growth in your practice as you continue to learn more breathing techniques to benefit various parts of your body. Pranayama along with Kriyas class, will be a part of your daily practice in the morning in the beautiful hilly locations of Darjeeling. Classical yogic philosophy is intertwined throughout this course too, emphasizing on Vedic and Tantric beliefs. This course will include a study of influential texts like Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras along with discussions and debate sessions around these philosophies. Teaching Methodologies are designed to keenly develop your teaching skills to teach multi style yoga. From the beginning week, you will be involved in teaching as well as will be taught by your peers. You continue to learn and share just like in 200 hours course. This program is both physically and mentally a very intensive course that is offered in the most fun, casual, trendy and advanced approach. Students should be ready to undergo the mental and physical transformation. This course will eventually turn you into a disciplined Yoga practioner.

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