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We offer 200 hours Yoga certification programs authorised by Yoga alliance in the lap of the Himalayas. Whether you want to immerse into the Yogic lifestyle, dream of teaching others through the knowledge of the ancient traditions of Yoga or you simply want to deepen your own understanding and practise in a more enlightened and compassionate way then our 200 hours Yoga certification programs in India and Himalayas is the first step in making these dreams a reality. Here at Himalayan Yoga Bliss, one of the world renowned and acknowledged yoga school in India, we offer a thorough and intensive 200 Hours Yoga certification overlooking the majestic Himalayas. This course will be your gateway to enter Yoga and pursue the most widely known and accepted Yoga certification program available. Our course is carefully structured to trigger the seed of passion of a Yoga student, enhance your foundational base about Yoga, awaken the Teacher inherent in you and acquire a Yoga Teaching certification that is internationally recognised. It is a place to practice and ultimately grow into a beautiful Yoga Teacher to teach others.

All our Yoga certification programs in the Himalayas is held 6 months of the year in the beautiful hills of Darjeeling. The Himalayan region of India is a place long associated with Buddhism, meditation and Yoga and believed to be the area where Yoga originated. Our training is realistic and doesn’t promise to make you a guru in 4 weeks, but acknowledged as one of the best Yoga certification programs worldwide we guide you through a course that serves as an excellent stepping stone to enter the vast profound knowledge and philosophy of Yoga, to begin your life long journey of learning. This intensive four weeks training is filled with fun, enthusiasm and novelty with a modern approach. A place where lifelong friendships are formed, with an inward glance into transforming our weakness into our strength.

The course is designed in a way as to not only serve the physical needs, but also to break the mental limitations of our students. Our Yoga teacher training, includes advance physical postures to less intensive and more restorative sessions. During all our Yoga certification programs we introduce students to the various styles of Hatha Yoga and its contemporary practises like Ashtanga yoga and multi styled themed Vinyasa Flow. Focusing on accurate alignment of these styles, cues on commands, physical and spiritual awareness of various Yoga postures, benefits and contradictions along with the knowledge of injuries will be some aspects of our 200 hours Yoga Teacher certification. Our multi styled Asanas exposes a budding Teacher to the Yoga style that resonates the most and will help them decide to take upon advanced courses based on that style in future.

Himalayan Yoga Bliss is one of the best contemporary Yoga school in India to learn yoga philosophy in a realistic manner keeping in mind the ancient knowledge passed through thousands of years by various Gurus and sages. Students are guided through the four paths of Yoga and its synthesis to open your mind to amazing new ideas and restructure your understanding of Yoga from the previous knowledge of only the physical practises. . Classical Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali Yoga sutras is intertwined all through the course. Introduction to many aspects of ancient and contemporary Meditation, Pranayama breathing techniques, Ayurveda and its relationship with Yoga, scientific benefits of sanskrit mantra chantings, Yoga mudras, Kriya inner cleansing techniques and various other elements that makes Yoga a complete practise is introduced to our Yoga Teacher training students. providing them with a strong foundation. This provides a clear understanding as to why they practise Yoga and why this ancient art has brought immense inner contentment to all the practitioners worldwide. You will leave the course with your inner third eye well and truly opened with a new understanding of Yoga, your ability to relate to this world and most importantly to yourself.

Our Yoga certification programs are not only limited to subtle Yoga philosophy but our typical schedule a combination of technicalities and subtle approach. This makes our training syllabus really unique giving our Yoga Teacher training students a chance to introduce their students to Yoga through their mats. Our syllabus is carefully tailored to provide our students all the tools needed teaching and deepening self practise, such as technical workshops particularly emphasising on the more demanding and advanced postures. Breakdown of various styles and a thorough introduction and immersion into its alignment and adjustments. These workshops are held and practiced with the aim of assessing the visual progress that is done in our everyday Asana practice session. This serves as a reminder of the fact that Yogic Asana's are fun and interactive with an opportunity to explore the limitations and intelligence of our physical body. Postures are attained and excelled through intense self-discipline and concentration during the practice. The vital sheath and the mysticism of our breathe is explored through the practice and understanding of Pranayama. Students will start practising teaching methods right from the second week, this will give them tonnes of opportunity to work on their stage fear, cues on commands, right instruction and knowledge of individual postures. In the end of the class a group feedback is given by Teachers and students pointing out their strengths and areas where they can improve. This tremendously helps every student develop their teaching skills further, incorporating more confidence in every future practical class they teach. In the final week students will design and give a full Vinyasa Yoga class as part of their final exam which will be guided by our Teachers all along. We encourage creativity and imagination here. As ultimately it will transform our students to develop fully as bright Yoga teachers ready with all tools and techniques to teach after the completion of our Yoga teacher training.

Here at Himalayan Yoga bliss all our Yoga certification programs are specially designed to understand the student and accordingly help them nourish not only their physical ability but also their ability to react to every situation with grace and Yogic ethics instilled in them. The positive physical, mental and emotional changes that takes place during the course also seeps out through the positive interaction of our students as they prepare of face the external world again. Our course has been highly successful with most of our graduates teaching worldwide as successful Yoga instructors and mentors. Our course is based on the four paths of Yoga that will touch and help you rediscover the joys of learning and giving, following in the footsteps of our enlightened Gurus and masters, passing this divine flame of knowledge to all our students. These four weeks will showcase all the dimension and the vast expansion of Yoga understood and practiced in the East. Our Yoga certification programs in Himalayas ensures great learning experiences overlooking and basking in the glory of the majestic Himalayas.

You should join this course if:
  • You possess a basic knowledge of Yoga
  • You would like to improve and go deeper in your own personal practice
  • You aspire to acquire a deep insight into your understanding of Yoga, its philosophy, Anatomy, Pranayama, Ayurveda, Yogic diet and start Teaching
  • You are passionate about discovering your true self in Yoga Teacher training India
  • You would like to start learning new positive ideas, while unlearning negative and destructive tendencies of your own mind and share it with the world

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