Accommodation & Food

Accommodation and Food for all our 200 and 300 hours Yoga Teachers training courses are included in the total course fee. This gives our students a feeling of staying at a home away from home while growing together as the course progresses.

Darjeeling YTTC - Accommodation & Food

At Himalayan Yoga Bliss Darjeeling, we provide stunning rooms in our newly built and refurbished accommodation. The rooms are just few minutes walk from the main Shala and overlook the beautiful Himalayan range of Kanchenjunga, considered to be the tallest mountain in the world until the turn of the 19th Century. Darjeeling itself is a major tourist destination for both international and domestic tourists due to its abundance of natural beauty, unique culture with a melting pot of ethnicity and natural charm of the friendly locals. This unique location is just one more reason why we are considered one of the best yoga trainings in India.

We are precisely what we eat, and how could we conduct our Yoga teacher training without considering our menu. At Himalayan Yoga Bliss our residential chef freshly prepares 3 meals daily catered with lots love and attention. The menu is designed to be pure vegetarian, Ayurvedic and Satvik with a focus on using locally produced, organic where possible produce and ingredients. This doesn’t mean a boring menu for the yoga certification program students but a new way to look at your food and develop a new-found appreciation for the natural flavours nature has provided for us in its complete simplicity and totality. Request for special food especially gluten free or with allergic problems related to certain diet can be taken care by the chef on arrival.

In Yogic philosophy food is one of the major source through which we get the cosmic Prana or energy into our system. Our physical body is made of five elements , its the imbalance of these elements that causes disease in our body. Hence we carefully select what our trainees eat during the course, making every meal a delightful experience.



Goa YTTC - Accommodation & Food

Jungle living a few minutes from the beach, the perfect combination right. At our Goa training, we provide newly built, fully furnished cottages with a balcony overlooking the Nature. They are uniquely built, wooden throughout and we are sure you will be impressed by the attention to detail in each one.

One of the best Yoga teacher's training in Goa with high standard cottages built with eco friendly materials furnished with love. The jewel of our crown is the beautiful and renowned organic vegan Blue Planet café on site providing 3 times daily vegetarian food to our trainees. A favourite with tourists for many years they have been at the forefront of the organic and vegan movement in the areas for years. Our yoga teacher training menu caters freshly prepared food with almost all ingredients made from scratch by a loving teams of chefs who love what they do. This includes a variety of smoothies, juices, salads, soups, delicious organic vegetarian food and healthy desserts in a Sattvic inspired diet. Vegetarian, vegan lovers and Yoga enthusiasts from all over Agonda beach and around Goa flock to this small haven to quench their palette and are well envious of our students who have the opportunity to eat for a month from this small paradise during our yoga teacher training.

Waking up for early morning meditation followed by fresh herbal tea and a Yoga practise by the jungle or beach are memories carved in our students heart for a long time. Our tranquil location is a combination of a relaxing holiday and an intense immersion into the practise and philosophies of ancient traditional Yoga.

Notes: *Accommodation on both the locations is on a sharing basis with two people in each room and off course a private bathroom for each room. If desired, private rooms are available at an extra cost.


Kalimpong YTTC - Accommodation & Food

Our family at the Himalayan Yoga Bliss and Wellness Centre is humbled to present to you our brand new wing, the Himalayan Yoga Bliss Adhyaananta Farm in the idyllic town of Kalimpong.
Spread across a sprawling 13 acres of green expanse and surrounded by the Himalayan range, our Adhyaananta farm is where you will experience the coming together of nature and human nature in perfect harmony.
Designed to keep the holistic experience of the location intact, much of the space has been left untouched so as to let nature continue its own flow. The farm houses a bamboo grove and a guava orchard, both offer two unique options of ambience where you could find your own spot to muse. Besides, thanks to the inconsistent terrain, the farmhouse never runs short of variety, thus giving you a lot to explore and discover new things everyday.
The living area comprises independent, eco - cottages that complement austere but wholesome living. The architecture is luxurious complying with the basics of ancient yogic home design. Almost as if they were an extension of the serene landscape, the cottages stand in perfect sync with the lush green backdrop. All rooms have been designed to face the East so that you could begin everyday with a brilliant Himalayan sunrise. Ample sunlight add vibrancy to the spacious, colourful rooms. Consciously minimalist in decor, the rooms have been given a rustic touch via paintings and artefacts handmade by locals.
The first rays of the sun are not your only chance at soaking up Vitamin D at the Adhyaananta farm, breakfast is laid out under the sun, outdoors while dinner is set next to the bonfire every night. Prepare to enjoy your nights under a canopy of a million stars and swarming fireflies. Imagine going to sleep rejuvenated more with each passing night! To provide you with an elevated holistic experience, the food served is all Satvik and cooked with organic produce that is locally grown.
The living area is hygienic and the bathrooms clean at all times. However, in this yoga retreat, one will end up spending way more time outside than indoors. The strategically laid out social spaces include the great yoga hall, the formal courtyard and the mosaic patio next to the goose pond. There are ample choices in terms of space and you are sure to find more than one such spot that relates to you.
Our Adhyaananta farmhouse is dotted with orchids and wild poinsettias that look like little burst of colours amidst various shades of green. Unbridled, the farmhouse opens to many nearby villages where you could go hiking up the terraced hills or wander into mountain paths. The Kalimpong local bazaar is only a 20 minute walk away. You can explore the local Kalimpong culture through its cuisine and indigenous crafts.


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